The Verve

This is a 10 song session which was recorded in 1998, somewhere in Wigan. Radio again, so more top quality stuff.

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The Verve tracklist is this:

1. This is Music
2. Catching the Butterfly
3. Sonnet
4. The Rolling People
5. The Drugs Don't Work
6. Lucky Man
7. Velvet Morning
8. Bitter Sweet Symphony
9. History
10. Come On

And you'll find it, zipped up here.

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Flaming Lips live at Reading

As the Flips have just released a new album, I remembered about these 5 songs I have from the Reading festival of 1996. They're from the radio so good quality and they were the only ones broadcast at the time. They're in a zip file, located just about here. The songs are as follows:

When You Smile
Lucifer Sam (Pink Floyd cover)
She Don't Use Jelly
Unconsciously Screaming
Put the Waterbug in the Policeman's Ear


The Wedding Present - Sheffield 1993

As Dan asked if I'd got any more Weddoes' gigs, here's one I taped off the radio in April 1993. There are 8 songs in 2 parts, both of which are in the zip file located below. They are as follows:

Track list, part 1:

Silver Shorts

Part 2:

Dare /Lovenest
Flying Saucer

Click here to download


Pavement live at Reading 1994

I had a request for this and even though I'd said, two years ago, that I'd post it, I forgot!
So, this is part of their set from the Reading Festival, which was featured on the radio.
There are six songs, being:

Silent Kid
Summer Babe
Black Out
Fight This Generation
Cut Your Hair

And the zip file of the tracks is here.


Portishead 1995

This was recorded in France on their tour of 95. It is available as the whole set in one file and the song list is as follows:

Theme From "To Kill A Dead Man"
Glory Box
It's Over
Wandering Star
Mourning Air
Sour Times

Download it here


Sonic Youth live 1992

This is a good quality concert in every way from the Youth. It was recorded in Brixton Academy, London in December 1992 and features these 11 songs:

100%, Dirty Boots, Kool Thing Swimsuit Issue, Genetic, Theresa's Sound World, Tom Violence, Sugar Kane, Schizophrenia, Drunken Butterfly, Youth Against Fascism.

Download here