Black Grape live in Brixton

This is a 44 minute concert recorded at the Brixton Academy in Feb 1996. There are 9 songs, mostly from the "It's Great When You're Straight" album.
If you don't know Black Grape, they were the band formed by Shaun Ryder after Happy Mondays. They followed on the funky, indie sound and got even more dancy and their first album mentioned above is brilliant.
The first part has these three songs:

Tramazi Party
In the Name of the Father
A Big Day in the North

The first few seconds of the first song aren't great quality as was usual at the start of a cassette but it improves and stays good for the rest of it.
Let me know if you would like the rest of the concert.

Black Grape live part 1


Mercury Rev - 3 songs

These three songs were recorded when David Baker was still in the band and, in my opinion, when the band still sounded good. I think they've gone mainstream since his departure and I have no interest in them now. Their first two proper albums, "Yerself is Steam" and "Boces" are great, quirky indie rock, similar to their friends - Flaming Lips. The sound quality of this recording is pretty much perfect and the songs come from those two albums.


Something For Joey
Chasing A Bee
Boys Peel Out

Mercury Rev live 93



Tiger were a band from the southeast of England and were active between 1996 and 1998. They were a great, different kind of indie pop band who didn't fit in with any style at the time (and still wouldn't and I like that way of thinking...)

I bought their first album "We Are Puppets" but had left the country when they released their second so I never got hold of a copy. However, this set, which was recorded between the two albums features their later songs.

The tracklist is this (thanks to Yoko Casionos):

Bee Song
I Was A Rolling Stone
Soho Soul
Root Cage
Speak To Me

Tiger - Six live songs

Madder Rose

Madder Rose were from New York and recorded melodic alternative music during the 1990s. Their most well-known song was probably "Swim", being their second single in 1993. They have been compared to the Velvet Underground, Lush and Juliana Hatfield.
These live songs feature another track that made the Festive 50, that being "Car Song". Madder Rose split up in 1999.

Car Song
Lights Go Down

The Sugarcubes - Murder and Killing in Hell extracts

These songs are taken from a live video from the Manchester Academy, March 1992 that I have on VHS. I don't think it's available any more so I think it's only fair to put some of the best ones on here.

Blue Eyed Pop
Delicious Demon

The Lemonheads - live 1993

This is a three song recording, which was from a concert in Manchester and the tracks are as follows:

It's a Shame About Ray
Being Around
Luka (the Suzanne Vega song)

The Lemonheads live